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1seekingserenity ([personal profile] 1seekingserenity) wrote2012-03-18 04:56 pm

Sunday morning. sunDAY cuz i killed the morning and.....

Feeling like a grumpy old man, feeding my face, and just expelling a mental stream of flatulent thoughts that are stinking up my environment. I hate sleeping late on my days off, because it feels like I am being cheated of "my" time rather my employer's time. I give them five days in order to get my two day. I give them 50 weeks in order to get 2 weeks. By god I am going to squeeze the time from my two days and two weeks that I can if it only to sit and read a book. So Merita left to go do her thing because honestly I am not fit company right this moment. Thankfully I have a meeting today, so I will suit up, show up, and pray the magic of the meeting happens and I will be restored or refreshed or whatever. To that end I am frakking journaling. I will make a frakking gratitude list. I will just go sit on the balcony and drink some soda and read a book for the next two hours because the more I think about this feeling the more my hand clenches around it. And like a horse chestnest that hasn't cracked open yet, the thorns of this day's nut just pierce deeper with the tightening of my fist.